#1: Step Into Storypunks With Podcast Host Cindy Grigg

Hi! I am over the moon to be launching this podcast, and I hope you feel that way, too! We need a show that revolves around “all the punks”, am I right?!

Who doesn’t need some techno-whimsy in their day?! Welcome!

I’m Cindy Grigg, and I created this show because I found myself wanting to talk about punk genres more often than a few times a year while on convention panels.

What You’ll Find in Episode 1

I keep this introductory episode short and sweet–just introducing myself as the host of this podcast!

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Summary: About the Show

The Storypunks Podcast is a show that unites many distinct yet related science fiction and fantasy sub-genres, including:



Dieselpunk and Decopunk






Ecopunk and Solarpunk


. . . and more!

Most of this show’s episodes will be interviews with creators and makers within these genres. I’ll focus on authors, as well as artists, musicians, and other makers. Tune in for creative tips and inspiration, or you may find your next read, listen, or other punk adventure.

Basically, this whole thing is already busting my nerdometer . . .  

I am so excited to be sharing these interviews with you.

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