#2: Cyberpunk and Biopunk With Author Dan Wells

Cyberpunk and biopunk author Dan Wells is one of those people you like from afar and even more so when you get to have a one-on-one conversation with him.

Only, this wasn’t really a one-on-one conversation, of course, because you get to benefit from his wisdom as well . . . as with all interviews on this interview-focused show!

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 2

First of all, zazzier music. My pilot episode featured a wistful music box track, but I found myself wanting something with a bit more umph.

Personal Update

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Interview With Cyberpunk and Biopunk Author Dan Wells

Dan Wells has written many novels and other works, which you can find at TheDanWells.com.

Here’s a list of questions I asked Dan.

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and today we’re focusing on cyberpunk. Since everyone defines them a little bit differently, what’s your take on the defining the term and what do you feel qualifies as cyberpunk?
  • Tell us about each of your cyberpunk books or series and why readers should check them out. Specifically, what themes do your books focus on?
  • As I’ve begun reading Bluescreen, I’m blown away by how well you write a cast of diverse characters. What kind of research, tools, or other planning goes into pulling that off as an author?
  • Twitter: Sean @SeanTaillon  – What evolutions he’s gone through in regards to storytelling. Personal eureka moments in regards to overall craft or a specific story.
  • Twitter: Ben @BenLaneHodson – How do you do your tech research for your cyberpunk books?
  • Phone: Robert from Denver – How do you keep an ongoing series fresh with new ideas? Also, writing can be difficult, so I’m looking for inspiration about the payoff. What’s the most rewarding thing for you about finishing so many stories?
  • Anyone who visits the About tab on Dan’s website TheDanWells.com can read some really fun and more in-depth biographical tidbits than I covered in the bio. I found myself blown away by everything you’ve been up to, Dan! So, what’s your secret for writing productivity? How do you get so much done?!
  • Why is cyberpunk important right now? Why does the world today need more cyberpunk?

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