#3: Solarpunk and Ecopunk With Editor and Author Elly Blue

Solarpunk and ecopunk author Elly Blue created a wonderfully niche subgenre: bicycle feminist science fiction. As she explains in our interview, readers know immediately whether it is for them just from that term alone, which is really cool.

Elly is absolutely fascinating, and loved learning more about her work. I think you will as well, whether you already read fiction that features utopian or dystopian futures with environmental themes, or you’re curious to know more.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 3

A confession. I had to lay something out on the table, to get it off my conscience. It took courage, but then again it didn’t, because Elly’s super nice and gracious!

Personal Update

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This week we’re heading into the holidays (it’s why I’m posting this episode a bit early–and on that note, I have indeed been struggling to get timing worked out in my podcast workflow, but I’ve settled on Thursdays. Final answer.)

Growing pains!

So, this week I share a bit more information about the series I’m finishing: Peacock Lavine and the Aetherian Fates of Nott. Listen to the episode or visit my author website for a description of my work in progress. If you’d like to get involved as a beta reader, please fill out the form at CindyGrigg.com.

Interview With Solarpunk and Ecopunk Author Elly Blue

Elly Blue has written many novels and other works, which you can find at MicrocosmPublishing.com.

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Here’s a list of questions I asked Elly in Episode 3.

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and what we’re focusing on today is solarpunk and ecopunk. If you had to choose a term you resonate with more as an author, would it be solarpunk or ecopunk, and why? Since everyone defines them a little bit differently, what’s your take on these terms?
  • Do you have have any advice for writers or other creators writing about topics and themes we feel passionately about without overdoing it or losing effectiveness? Or, do you feel it is best to just let that raw passion and activism come out?
  • So, I saw this amazing image in your Twitter feed of you getting ready to tow a bunch of inventory to a book event on your cargo bike. Please tell us more about this amazingness!
  • Twitter: Alana Duran @CeraphimFalls – So cool! Please ask Elly what she does for self care in this crazy world, and which story she’d recommend to students for a punk intro.
  • Twitter: Arcade Rhetoric @arcade_rhetoric – Sounds exciting! Question: How does solarpunk address physical security? Would there be a police force in such a society?
  • Phone: Gabriella from Nogales, Arizona – I was wondering if you’ve ever based a place in your books on a real place that you’ve been to.
  • Phone: Aria from Long Beach, California – So often the fantasy genre focuses on a very dystopian view of the future, and solarpunks are sometimes seen as optimistic eco-radicals with kindof an anarchist leaning. In your opinion is solarpunk anti-establishment, or does it usually take place after some kind of apocalyptic event and subsequent societal collapse? Thank you.
  • Phone: Carol from Tabiona, Utah – Solarpunk is all about envisioning a better tomorrow and a sustainable world. So, what is the number one thing you feel we can do to get closer to that today?
  • I have a confession: I don’t ride a bike yet. Where does someone like me start?!

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