RESCINDED: No Longer Posting My Interview With Event Organizer Jeff Mach

I interviewed Jeff Mach in January 2018 as Episodes 8 and 9 of this podcast.


Due to recent and serious accusations regarding Mr. Mach’s personal behavior and his company’s financial dealings, I am canceling my interview shows with him and removing them from my audio and video feeds. There was a ton of cool content in these episodes, but it’s my privilege to dedicate the substantial time I spent producing those episodes toward supporting those who speak up about situations involving destructive power dynamics.

That said, I never experienced anything but professional interactions with Mr. Mach and thoroughly enjoyed our interview, so I hope he does sincerely step back from his public role and re-evaluate his decisions, as he’s stated he will.

In addition, despite the business contingencies set in motion to continue Jeff Mach’s events without his participation, and acknowledging how many organizers and participants are understandably invested in saving the events through a new business organization that should not benefit Mr. Mach financially, since these interviews focused on Mr. Mach’s contributions and included references to vendors or other professionals who appear to not want to be associated with him, I am choosing to err on the side of caution.

In that spirit, I can’t leave these interviews up.

I hope these events survive, and wish the organizers all the best as they navigate this difficult territory!


Cindy Grigg, Storypunks Podcast, http://www.Storypunks.World


The podcast will resume with a new Episode 8 this Thursday February 1st, and carry on from there.

Anyone interested in accessing my thoughts or personal updates from the rescinded episodes can check out my post about the power of dressing up like your character at