#14: Dieselpunk, Decopunk, and Atompunk With Entertainer John Pyka

“Big Daddy Cool” John Pyka is a showman who hosts and produces The Dieselpunk Podcast. He’s an entertainer with tons of experience and an impressive client list, and he’s also turned his show into a book called Tales From the Flip Side.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 14

Personal Update

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This week, I introduce another work in progress I’d love to gather beta readers for. This one’s a decopunk thriller anchored in the 1920s, though it is a time travel adventure. My character discovers conspiracies that involve a network of time and space portals among the planet’s salt flats.

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Check out book one of The Salt Sheen Paradox series on my author site and please sign up. I’ll roll this out to beta readers in the coming months.

Interview With Showman John Pyka

In this episode, we talk about various ways to define Dieselpunk, and how it can intersect with Decopunk, Atompunk, and other genres. We even get into specialty terms such as Dark Dieselpunk and Piecraftian versus Ottisian Dieselpunk.

We also touch on some lessons learned from community dynamics as well as John’s take on being an introvert, while still performing a ton.

Definitely interesting!

Here’s a list of questions I asked him:

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and today we’re talking about dieselpunk. Since everyone has their own take on the term, how do you define it and what do you feel qualifies as in-bounds?
  • Specifically, I’ve heard you speak about at least two different types of dieselpunk on The Dieselpunk Podcast, so update us on these different sub-genres within dieselpunk.
  • (If not addressed in the previous point) How do you feel decopunk differs from dieselpunk?
  • For anyone who has not yet jumped in with your Tales From the Flip Side series, can you give us an overview and share what readers can expect?


John Pyka

Dieselpunk Podcast Logo

  • You recently spoke to your audience about the importance of not fracturing the community as a whole? Why does dieselpunk need varying opinions, and ideas?
  • Music is a big part of dieselpunk. We see this in other punks, but it’s especially pronounced in dieselpunk. Dance is also really important, and goes along with all that music. Why do you think this is?
  • As we record this at the beginning of 2018, what does the future of dieselpunk look like from your perspective? What do you project for 2018 and beyond, but also, what would you like to see from the dieselpunk movement?
  • You’ve mentioned big things coming up in 2018! As a creator, why do you feel it’s important to keep reaching for new levels of creativity, and where do you get your motivation?

Another long interview! Sometimes you just have to.


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