#15: Steampunk With Podcast Host and Producer Elizabeth Headrick aka Bluestocking

This is a crossover episode with podcaster Elizabeth Headrick aka Bluestocking of the Steampunk Dollhouse Podcast! She’s an amazing host and producer, and she focuses on how steampunk books and other creations relate to current events.


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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 15

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Interview With Bluestocking, Host of the Steampunk Dollhouse Podcast

In this episode, we share podcasting lessons learned, including some bumper samples.

I love Bluestocking’s literary analysis of steampunk fiction, which she studies academically as an MLIS grad student. Plus, she gets delightfully sassy and political–it’s tons of fun and I always learn a lot.

And her Scholarly Steampunk Collection and recommended reading list for 2018 are not to be missed!

Here’s a list of questions I asked her:

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and today we’re talking about steampunk. Since everyone has their own take on the terms, how do you define it and what do you consider in-bounds?
  • You have one of the coolest steampunk names ever, in my opinion. For those who are unaware of its origin, can you describe it, or share why you chose this particular name?



  • Many readers listen to this show, as well as writers, makers, musicians, and other creators. Since you’ve made your show not only unapologetically political but centrally so, what have you learned about creating and publishing politically-charged content or work?
  • Your show has a fun production level that includes all kinds of music and sounds. Can you share your inspirations or what led you to format your show the way you have? (Because it’s awesome!)
  • You’ve recently published content about steampunk conferences. What do you feel makes steampunk conferences successful, and what do you wish more conference planners did or didn’t do?
  • As an academic who is interested in studying and analyzing steampunk literature, why do you feel the world needs steampunk in 2018 and beyond?
  • As our steampunk librarian, what should be on our reading list for 2018 (and it’s okay if the list includes titles within the last several years, because most of us are behind!)?

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