#16: Steampunk With Author Shelley Adina

Storypunks has interviewed steampunk author Shelley Adina, who also writes Amish romance and domestic suspense! In this interview, we focused on her 12-book Magnificent Devices series.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 16

Personal Update

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Yay! I finished my mega-outline for the Super Saga I’m writing: Peacock Lavine and the Aetherian Fates of Nott! I use my outline as a double-check rather than a planning tool, so I’ll finish this in the upcoming weeks. You can read it for free as a beta reader: CindyGrigg.com.

This week I also share my next audiobook recommendation in conjunction with this episode’s Audible sponsorship (hint: it’s by Shelley Adina!). You can also click this link for a running list of punk-related audiobooks I recommend.

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Interview With Steampunk Author Shelley Adina

Here’s a list of questions I asked Shelley:

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and today we’re focusing on steampunk. Since everyone defines steampunk a little bit differently, what’s your take on it and what do you feel qualifies as “in-bounds”?
  • Tell us about your steampunk series Magnificent Devices and why new readers should check it out. Specifically, what themes do these books focus on?
  • I listened to the first audiobook in the Magnificent Devices series and I was absolutely enchanted by your story as performed by narrator and actress Fiona Hardingham. Some Storypunks listening to this podcast are narrators, performers, or authors who will some day work with these kinds of artists. What can you share about the audiobook production process? Because I love what you and your team produced with this series!
  • As a reader who enjoys longer book series and a writer who is authoring a longer work of fiction, I find your 12-book series Magnificent Devices really inspiring. What can you share about writing a longer storyline like this? What choices did you run into along the way and did anything surprise you about the process?

Shelley’s book list

  • I hope it is okay if I ask about your background as a woman who grew up plain, or Amish. My understanding of Amish communities is that technology is not forbidden, but it is adopted less readily than in mainstream society. How, if at all, has this influenced how you write steampunk, a genre that plays with technology, clockwork, mechanisms, and devices?
  • Show phone line, Shelly from Idaho: “Do you feel it would be possible or worthwhile for creators to write something that combines steampunk and an Amish community?”
  • If we have time: Since you are traditionally published and you also run your own small press Moonshell Books, Inc., what can you share with your fellow Storypunks about publishing in both realms, especially relating to steampunk?
  • Your books have done very well on sites like Goodreads and Amazon. You get lots of reviews, many of them from this year. So, while some would say the time for steampunk has passed, I’m guessing you would disagree. What is your prognosis for the genre as we move into 2018? Do you feel steampunk is still exciting and relevant? If so, why does the world today need even more steampunk?

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