#17: (Part 1) Steampunk With Speaker, Curator, and Consultant Kevin Steil AKA The Airship Ambassador

A popular panelist and steampunk personality, the Airship Ambassador (Kevin Steil) has consulted for the show Steampunk’d! and other projects.

His website, AirshipAmbassador.com, is an impressive compendium of steampunk news, recommended reads, and so many other goings-on. In addition, he writes a popular blog, which includes in-depth interviews.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 17

Personal Update

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This week, I share my upcoming plans for some onsite research to inform one of my fiction writing projects. This will entail a month away this May.

But we still have several episodes before then, and there’s a possibility I may have something to post during that time away, but in any case, the regular episodes will pause in May and resume June 7, 2018.

If you’re interested, here’s my blog at TheProductiveAuthor.com about How to Travel for Writing Research: Outmaneuvering the Excuses.

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Interview With the Airship Ambassador 

As mentioned above, the Airship Ambassador is involved in many projects, which we begin exploring in this episode. He also has one killer Airship Ambassador jacket, so he takes us through the design process of this iconic costume piece.

Storypunks Social Guest Announcements Kevin Steil Airship Ambassador

And he shows us his pretty fantastic teapot from the 1800s (so cool!).

This will be a two-part series, so I’ll summarize the rest next week. I know you’ll love our chat as much as I did!

Here’s a list of questions I asked him this week:

  • This show is all about “the punks” and today we’re talking about steampunk, of course. Since everyone has their own take on the term steampunk, how do you define it?
  • Also, how did you get into steampunk in the first place?
  • Can you tell us about creating AirshipAmbassador.com and any lessons learned along the way? High points? Favorite things about running the site?
  • Very few people in this world can say they are a Steampunk Consultant, so I know my listeners will be most intrigued. Tell us about where your expertise has taken you, including your work with the show Steampunk’d!
  • I think we have to talk about your Airship Ambassador costume. Where did you find such gorgeous pieces? Can you share how this noteworthy ensemble came together?

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