#20: Steampunk With Live Action Role Play Gamer, Podcaster, and Author Michael Rigg

Ever thought to yourself, This short story could inspire its own musical album . . . , or, This visual art piece could become an awesome graphic novel . . . ?

That’s what “transmedia storytelling” is all about, as LARP (Live Action Role Play) gamer Michael Rigg knows very well. He’s turned his steampunk and alternate history Heart of Bronze novels into a dice-based storytelling game on his weekly show: The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast.

Come check out his creative advice, resources, and what’s going on with this and other fun projects!

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 20

Personal Update

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This week, I share more pics and historical points of interest from my writing research trip to Bolivia, as well as my ongoing progress on the Salt Sheen Paradox decopunk novel that features this region (and points beyond!).

Find more about joining my beta reading list for this or other titles here.

Interview With Michael Rigg 

Today’s conversation is all about taking our punk-themed work into more than one creative discipline or expression. Michael is truly a transmedia artist who has taken his fiction into other mediums, so I had lots of questions for him:

  • On this show, we talk about the punks, and today we’re focusing on steampunk, of course. Since everyone thinks of it a little differently, what’s your definition of the term?
  • You have several productions featured on your site RiggStories.com. Can you take us through them, for anyone who’s totally new to your work?
  • The Steam Rollers Podcast and your Your Heart of Bronze book series takes place in an alternative United States. Can you describe the world and what themes readers or listeners can expect?




  • What does the 20 stand for?
  • Podcasting is not for the faint of heart to begin with, but your show has a very fun theatrical or performance component, which is like another level! What advice do you have for dramatizing a story, or did you develop these synchronously? Tell us about your process, because not a lot of people have done that!
  • Since we have the advantage of video on this show, would you mind showing us your cool podcasting setup, if it’s not too tricky to point your camera or webcam around? I’ve seen pictures on your site!
  • I also see on your site that at times you have an open casting call, as well as a Voice Actor’s Guild. Can you share more info about that, for anyone who might be interested?
  • What would you like to see from punk-related podcasting in general? Any observations or recommendations for new podcasters or other creators in this space?

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