#23: (Part 2) Atompunk and Steampunk With Authors Holly and Max Gonzalez

In this second of two episodes, Holly Gonazalez and I continue our conversation about decopunk and dieselpunk, and also get into some atompunk, steampunk, and even splatterpunk.

This also becomes a discussion about collaborating with others, especially when Holly’s husband Max joins us to talk about co-writing their atompunk series. Holly has also contributed to anthologies from Writerpunk Press, so we chat about that, too. Join us!

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 23

Personal Update

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This week has been all about cover design for me. I mapped out all eight books in my upcoming decopunk time travel thriller series The Salt Sheen Paradox, and sure enough, the cover for book one needed some updating! I share how it turned out and how beta readers can sign up to read this or other stories for free.

And as a reminder, if you’d like to check out my dictation tips for writers, just check out TheProductiveAuthor.com or find my book about that on Amazon.

Interview With Holly and Max Gonzalez (Part 2)

One of the coolest things in our conversation comes out in this episode: we’ve both rewritten the same uncommonly rewritten story with a steampunk twist!

Also, here’s where to check out Max’s band The Dead Channels.

Here’s a list of questions I asked Holly:

  • In preparing for this interview, I learned something new about you, that you’ve participated in something called the Writerpunk Project. Can you tell us about it, and particularly your experience with it and any takeaways?
  • Can you tell us more about your steampunk writing, including what constitutes “splatterpunk”?
  • As of 2018 when we’re recording this, decopunk is still a smaller genre. Where do you think it’s headed, where do you hope it goes, or why does the world need more decopunk or dieselpunk?

Here’s a list of questions I asked both Max and Holly:

  • Creative collaboration can get dicey. What insights do each of you have from collaborating with your significant other?
  • What specific pitfalls should creatives avoid when trying out a collaborative process?

Check out the books here

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