#25: (Part 2) Steampunk With Podcaster and Marketer Gail Carriger

My interview with steampunk author Gail Carriger continues. In this episode, we talk about marketing, tools for writers including dictation and Scrivener, and other insights.

As always, Gail makes it tons of fun and I know you’ll get a lot out of this conversation.

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Note: This is an audio-only episode, though I do show stuff on-screen in this YouTube version, and you can also find plenty of video including this awesome office tour at Gail’s site.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 25

Personal Update

Three things:

  • I’m excited to announce that Book 1 in my Salt Sheen Paradox time travel thriller series is up for pre-order: Hives of the Halcyon. Snag it early for a sweet deal and when it’s published, it will just show up in your account.
  • Please sign up to be a beta reader for Piccadilly Valkyrie (Book 1 in my Peacock Lavine and the Aetherian Fates of Nott series). Steampunk. Regency Era. Norse mythology. Beta reading means you read for free!
  • I’ve also just announced some new courses through TheProductiveAuthor.com. Come learn dictation. The benefits are so worth it!!

Interview With Gail Carriger (Part 2)

So much to learn from Gail in this episode!! As anyone will tell from visiting GailCarriger.com, she really is a master of marketing and I know you’ll come away inspired, no matter what creative medium you work in.

Here’s a list of questions I asked in Part 2:

  • Show phone line: Sophia from Las Vegas, NV: “Your books are so lighthearted and witty, and I just wanted to first say thank you for that, they are so much fun for me to read. And my question is, even though your stories have the appearance of being effortless, I know from my own experience creating art that writing them probably isn’t effortless at all. So, what advice do you have for an artist like me as far as doing the trudging, hard work without losing the light or excited quality that comes through so well in your work? Thank you!”

Gail Carriger’s Books

  • In preparing for this interview, I learned something new about you, that you’ve been interested in dictation. I also nerd out over dictation, so can you tell us about your journey with it thus far? Any other new author productivity hacks in 2018?
  • From a marketing standpoint, I admire what you’ve implemented across your author website, social platforms, promotions, and other marketing channels or funnels. Also, I’ve heard you mention being a data nerd. So what tips or advice can you give creatives listening to this show as far as marketing punk-related work in 2018?
  • Finally, does the world need more steampunk in 2018 and beyond? Why or why not?

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