#28: Ecopunk and Solarpunk With Publisher and Curator Mary Woodbury

The conversation with eco-fiction publisher and curator Mary Woodbury continues!

Discover additional resources, including initiatives to help reduce our environmental footprint in writing, publishing, and other creative endeavors.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 28

Personal Update

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

Autumn of a Million Words Challenge Logo B

Three things:

  • It’s autumn! Best part of the year, hands down.
  • I’ve also just announced some new courses through TheProductiveAuthor.com and TheDictationCoach.com. Come learn dictation! The benefits are so worth it!! I’ll be releasing these in 2019 so please follow the link for an early bird discount if you’re interested.

Interview With Mary Woodbury (Part 1)

We focus on resources and environmental initiatives in this part of the interview. Mary has so many resources for artists and readers to check out:

blog: www.Eco-fiction.com/outdoors/

Here are questions I asked:

  • Let’s continue talking about eco-fiction.com. You’ve described it as a hobby and as something that has become increasingly collaborative with a number of other creatives, so what can listeners find here, and what has the growth of this site been like for you?
  • You also offer a global eco-literature portal (which is awesome!), called Dragonfly.eco, and this is a community and resource for writers at all stages of development, including a writer’s workshop and your Dragonfly library. We have lots of writers and other creators listening to the show, so what would you like them to know about this site?

Mary Woodbury Interview

  • Your blog To the Waters and the Wild features your personal essays and gorgeous pictures, and listeners can enjoy it at eco-fiction.com/outdoors. What has your experience with this blog been like?
  • I’d also love to point listeners to your MoonWillowPress.com site, since you publish eco-relevant titles there. For example, you’re featuring a really cool 2018 Summer Reading Program which points participants to an eco-based, free eBook every weekend, and at other times purchases of these titles goes to the organization Water, Trees, People. Is there anything else my audience should look for there?
  • Okay, so we’ve covered a lot of ground already among all these projects, with plenty of resources for anyone totally new to ecopunk or solarpunk, but are there any additional efforts or communities you’d like to point listeners to? Anything I missed?
  • Finally, as we head further into 2018, what would you like to see more of, less of, or just different when it comes to ecopunk, solarpunk, and other environmental fiction?

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