#30 (Part 2): Steampunk With Worldbuilder and Multi-media Collaborator Jim Butcher

In Part 2, we talk about Jim Butcher’s worldbuilding and magic system development tips as well as multi-media creations he’s written and consulted on.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 30

Personal Update

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Here’s what I’ve been up to: more of the same, although I have had some hiccups as far as pre-orders. Check out more detail and the status of any of my projects you might be interested in at www.CindyGrigg.com.

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Interview With Jim Butcher (Part 2)

This is a really informative and super fun look at collaboration, from an author who’s leveraged relationships with other artists to produce impressive maps, graphic art, video games, and other content for his fictional worlds.

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*** ALSO! Check out cartographer Priscilla Spencer’s maps at http://www.priscellie.com/.

Jim Butcher Aeronaut's Windlass

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