#54 (Part 2): Decopunk With Anthologist Bethany C. Morrow

Bethany C. Morrow’s decopunk novel Mem is a must-read for anyone interested in historical speculative fiction set in the 1920s.

In Part 2, we chat more about Mem but also her other works including A Song Below Water as well as Take the Mic, for which she is both a story contributor and editor.

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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 54

Open call for Season 3 guests!

Through July, you can apply for a slot in the Storypunks Season 3 line-up; yes, it’s far away since that season begins in April 2020, but it’s all about getting a head-start!


Personal Update by Host Cindy Grigg

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’m doing some major drafting this week. It’s been a bit since I’ve been free to do that so I’m nerding out and working hard!

You can check out and sign up to beta read the fiction I’m working on at www.CindyGrigg.com.

Interview With Bethany C. Morrow (Part 2)

The decopunk continues! Do not miss Bethany’s story regarding the rewards of research. It’s really inspiring for creators of historical fiction or alternate history in particular. We cover lots of other topics as well.


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