Interested in appearing in a Storypunks Podcast episode? Awesome!

I extend invites for many episodes but I always leave several open for audience members as well. Don’t be shy! I’d love the opportunity to check out the possibilities.

– Cindy Grigg, Host

Realities Regarding the Production Timeline

We aim to record at least six months in advance and the show is seasonal from about April to September. This means our 2019 schedule is full and new bookings will air in 2020.

The timing for open calls changes each year but runs about a month and is announced in the episodes. This year, the open call is through July 2019 (for the 2020 season).

Also, Patreon patrons and newsletter subscribers get earlier notice and first dibs so please sign up for these insider communities if you’re worried you’ll miss the window!

If you heard our open call for July 2019, here is where you can reach out!