Punk Fiction Editing Services

Hey, Storypunks! I’m Cindy Grigg, host of the Storypunks Podcast. I’m adding another service to the Storypunks community: punk-related editing!

Copyediting, line editing, proofing?

CERTAINLY, and you can also opt for developmental editing such as story evaluation for worldbuilding, character development, pacing, structure, and plot.

Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, solarpunk, ecopunk, biopunk, mythpunk, mannerpunk, gaslamp fantasy, alternate history, and so on?


Book manuscripts, outlines, scripts, screenplays, marketing materials . . . ?


And who are you again?

In addition to hosting and producing the Storypunks Podcast, I have 15+ years’ paid experience with editing and storycrafting. That means I’m not super-duper-duper cheap but I keep my rates reasonable and I know my stuff.

I’m a fantastic fit for punk genre fiction authors seeking a well-goggled and/or -monacled editing eye!

Editing Services Cindy Grigg
My editing goggles await your inquiry!

Let’s Start and See Where It Goes!

It’s the swiftest way for us both to check the fit and it’s also the best way for me to quote you prices. Nothing to lose: you’ll get free perspective and advice on those all-important first few pages.

Two easy steps.

1. Join My Newsletter to Connect

Enter your email here, then keep your eye on your inbox. The welcome series includes an option to connect with me via email for an editing sample.

Success! You're on the list.

2. When You’re Ready, I’ll Edit a Sample for You

Plus! In addition to my full editing treatment, I’ll:

  • Color-code my responses according to package level to help you determine which editing level you might like for the full work.
  • Include developmental advice for the passage such as character development, worldbuilding, pacing, and more.
  • Customize an alternative Self-editing Action Plan for you to strengthen your drafted manuscripts whether you stick with me or not.

If You Decide to Hire Me . . .

I’ll send you a non-disclosure agreement and contract (to protect both of us!) including payment terms, timelines, and other details. Once that’s in place you’ll be on the schedule.

That’s it!

I hope it’s a good fit because I love helping creatives within all “the punks”.

Cindy Grigg

STORYPUNKS Editing Services are offered through my LLC, Misch Masch Publishing.

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