Resources for Punk Genre Storytellers

Writing’s lovely, but most of us have a love-hate relationship with it!

Tools can help. They really can!

So, in addition to my site, where I write essays about productivity, I also share downloadable tools I’ve developed to make writing easier. I’ll share the fiction-related resources here.

And while this site is about punk genres, these resources are all adaptable, so check them out for your next fiction project.

Storypunks Resource: Punk-related Editing Services

As you may have heard in Episode 22, The Storypunks Podcast Host Cindy Grigg now offers professional editing services for the niche punk genres covered on this show.

Editing Services Cindy Grigg
Cindy’s editing goggles await your inquiry!

Check out details for how she can add value or polish to your upcoming fiction or non-fiction projects here.

Storypunks Freebie: Series Outline Spreadsheet

Fiction Outline

I tend to write really long stories (as in, my current WIP is 30+ books long . . . ), and there’s no way I can keep all the details straight. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun, and this is what’s finally working for me. I hope it helps you, and I’ve pared it down to 6 books for all you normal people, plus it’s easy to adapt for whatever length you’re writing to.

Give Me My Free Series Outlining Template!

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Instructions on Using the Series Outline Template

These instructions will be emailed to you as well, along with the download link. It’s pretty straightforward.

  • The Three Tabs. This is a spreadsheet outline slash “Story Bible” for weaving plot, theme, and the persons, places and things that thread through each book in a series, chapter by chapter. You’ll find three tabs, one for each of these categories.
  • Brackets Mean “Replace Me!”.  Whenever you see brackets [ ], that means you should type your book title, character name, or what-have-you in that cell.

Questions? Once you click the link above and join my community to download the resource, we’ll be connected via email, so feel free to ask me ?s there. I look forward to hearing how you’re using this free download.

More Resources to Come!

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These are a sample from my site, where you can find lots of articles like this.

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Happy storytelling! We’re all in this together… 🙂