Retro candy for dieselpunks, steampunks, cyberpunks, or other punks! Nostalgic candy’s great for gifts, events, giveaways, or just immersing yourself in the punked time period you’re creating in.

Our recommendation:

The Old Time Candy Company

I prefer giving and getting gifts that are virtual, experiential, or expendable! That’s why I loved learning about The Old Time Candy Company and why it didn’t take long to team up with them on the Storypunks Podcast.

Cindy Grigg, Host

Here are specifics to fall in love with:

  • Retro, decade-themed candy boxes. Go as far back as the 1920s with these! Imagine sending someone a 1940s, 50s, 60s, or whatever decade candy box packed with sweets from her or his childhood. AWESOME.
  • Search by flavor. Love caramel stuff? Mint? Expand your list of sugary vices with all that the past and present have to offer that flavor! Or cherry. Or butterscotch. Go crazy!
  • Historical tidbits. You’ll also learn some pretty cool stuff about many eras we talk about on the Storypunks Podcast. Did you know Andes Mints were around in 1921 and changed from Andy’s to Andes because men didn’t want to send women chocolates with another man’s name on them? That’s essential knowledge!

Even if you don’t have or aren’t engaging a sweet tooth right now doesn’t mean retro candy won’t find a place at your punk-themed events or other creative campaigns.

Go there: Let the Retro Sweetness Begin!