Nerd-worthy decor (and fashion) for dieselpunks, steampunks, cyberpunks, or other punks! Because your next great for gifts, events, giveaways, or just immersing yourself in the punked time period you’re creating in.

Our recommendation:

Once Upon a Tee

This geeky site goes way beyond just tee shirts, though they have plenty of indie artists’ designs for those, too. That artisan spirit really came through for me, setting this company apart for me.

Cindy Grigg, Host

Here are specifics to fall in love with:

  • Collections. Choose a product type like “shower curtains” then choose from Collections, such as themes or fandoms. Whovian, Westeros, or whatever. You can’t go wrong!
  • Limited edition designs. Something about that makes it a little more special. I think it’s because you know these designs aren’t cloned all over the place–they’re special.

Go there: Punk Your Environment or Wardrobe!